Black Loops

Black Loops x Viktor Birgiss // Friday March 2nd

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Black Loops [ Toy Tonics / Neovinyl Recordings// Berlin,Germany]


Black Loops has built himself a solid reputation as one of House music’s most creative and progressive producers. Recognizing his momentum and high-quality releases, Traxsource named Black Loops #1 Deep House Artist of 2017!

In an interview with Magnetic Mag, Black Loops said his influences stem from genres such as funk, soul, and disco, while his style is similar to the sound of the 90’s UK House movement and early 00’s NY House.

In regards to his discography, Black Loops has released 7 stellar EP’s on the respected German House Record label Toy Tonics. Toy Tonics, who just earned themselves #7 on Mixmag’s best record labels of 2017, are known for putting out music laced with undeniable grooves using vintage soul,funk, & disco samples. He has also released noteworthy EP’s on Neovinyl RecordingsPets Recordings, and Gruuv.


Viktor Birgiss [ Lagaffe Tales // Reykjavik, Iceland]


The past two years have seen a collection of record labels spring up out of seemingly nowhere. Yet, through all the new releases from artists old and new, there have been few labels that have been able to fill the small niches between House and Disco as well as Lagaffe Tales. Born in 2012 as the co-op project between Viktor Birgisson & Jonborn Finbogason, the label has been pumping out steady releases from the likes of Siggatunezi, Coeo, Malouane and Moff & Tarkin both in digital and vinyl formats. Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, the label has been diligent in putting out what the Icelandic scene has to offer with notable releases from Felix Leifur, Futuregrapher, Moff & Tarkin, David & Hjalti, and Ilo who has a forthcoming EP on the label (which will be out soon!). We met Viktor & Jon two years prior and we’d both extended a warm invitation to each other’s home towns to eventually play; dreams now are becoming a reality as Viktor, will be playing the finest of what the Icelandic house scene has to offer for those who like to get down.




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